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Waking Windows Music Festival

Waking Windows is a local music festival hosted every year in Winooski, VT. For the 2022 event, I teamed up with Vanishworks and Dan Ribaudo to create visuals inside a church. We used MadMapper to projection map the organ pipes on center stage.

The main visual motif was two virtual windows that were designed after the other windows in the church, referencing the venue's architecture and the name of the music festival. For much of the content, I was live drawing to the music using a Wacom tablet -- an approach I call "dance drawing." We also incorporated particle systems, videos, and live footage of the artists.

We performed with 8 artists across 3 nights -- here's the full list:

  • Yasmin Williams

  • Dead Gowns

  • Henry Jamison

  • Matthew Evan Taylor

  • Breathwork

  • The Cush

  • Father Figuer

  • Tom Pearo

It was an amazing experience to collaborate with all these talented artists and perform in such a beautiful space. Huge thanks to the Waking Windows team for making it happen!

Thanks to Luke Awtry for these photos.


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