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Nethersphere Thought Receiver

"As individuals, our thoughts and opinions are presented in our own head, but that doesn't mean they end there. Opinions are influenced by those around us, and by sending out our own thoughts, they might influence others in turn, creating new worlds of opinion. The Nethersphere Thought Receiver (NTR) projects our thoughts into dynamic, colorful bubbles. Visitors will notice a question scrolling across the top of the projection, along with a phone number. Visitors can text their response to the phone number on the screen and help build this new world of ideas."

The Nethersphere Thought Receiver was an installation I helped to create for an Art Island party in Austin, TX. Texts submitted from the audience immediately appeared in projected visuals, suspended in colorful bubbles. We used TouchDesigner and the Twilio API.

Made in collaboration with Lauren Schroeder, Dom Davis, Mario Gotay, and Art Island ATX.


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