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Nocturne 2019 Midnight Event

This is an excerpt from the Midnight Event (headlining act) of Nocturne 2019, a student arts festival at Middlebury College. It was a collaborative performance, featuring live music, dance, and visuals projected onto the front of the school library.

The visuals were programmed in TouchDesigner and controlled over OSC using an interface I’ve developed in Max/MSP. Silhouettes of the two dances were captured by the Microsoft Kinect and incorporated into the visuals. I controlled the visual effects in real-time with the motion of my hands, captured by the Leap Motion sensor.

The song is “Overdue” by The Big Sip - one of four songs from the full performance.



    • Kyle Meredith - @kayem.visuals on Instagram


    • The Big Sip - The Big Sip on Spotify and YouTube

    • Fiona Sullivan - @fisully on Instagram

    • Mike Nunziante - Low Echo on Spotify and @lowechomusic on Instagram

    • Stefan Himmel - Stefan Himmel on Spotify and @stefanhimmelmusic on Instagram


    • Sam Kann

    • Annie Aguilar


    • Kyle Wright

    • Matteo Moretti

    • Emma Cowper

    • Pele Voncujovi


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