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Hand Controlled Kaleidoscopic Projections

This is a hand controlled visual instrument called Kal (short for kaleidoscope). Using a programming language called Processing, I’ve developed software that reads in hand motion-capture data from the Leap Motion sensor and uses it to control kaleidoscopic visuals. You can think of it like a theremin that produces visuals instead of sound.

Below is the video of debut performance with the instrument. It was the headlining act of Nocturne, a student-organized arts festival at Middlebury College that featured the work of over 60 students. With a 20,000 lumen projection setup, I projected hand-controlled visuals for 4 songs onto Mead Chapel, the chapel at the center of Middlebury campus.

It was absolutely surreal to see this project blown up to such a scale, and I’m super grateful to everyone who helped along the way (the list of heroes is in the video description).​

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